Mai Rose is a public speaker, writer, and performer born in the Midwest to a mechanic and a homemaker. She studied Theater and English at Drake University and received a BIS degree in Sociology, Urbans Studies, and Communications from the University of Minnesota. 


In many ways Mai’s life has been delightfully ordinary. As a little girl, she got good grades, went to church every Sunday, and belonged to 4-H. But her life has also had many obstacles that sometimes made her feel like there was no way out, or up. Yet, she found a way.


Mai has thrived through poverty, child abuse, homelessness, divorce, blindness, and more. These experiences have given her an opportunity to see the world in a different way by challenging the status quo and making her dig deep for real solutions to lifes’ problems. She has spent nearly thirty years exploring meditation, philosophy, and psychology so that she may heal and live a fulfilling life. She is honored and thrilled to share her findings with you.


ALCHEMY OF BEING offers a new perspective on life, distilled from positive and social psychology, philosophy, sociology, spirituality, and decades of personal reflection. Mai is happy to share the tools and skills she has picked up along the way so that you can live an extraordinary life. Let her profound teachings help you become more resilient and connect with your own sense of humanity, inner peace, and abiding contentment.